About Margaret

About Margaret

about meI’m Margaret and I live in New Zealand. I’m the mother of three amazingly wonderful adults and grandmother of five equally fantastic grandchildren. I live with my daughter, her partner, and their menagerie – a very large dog called Finn, a cat, called Kitty, and four rats. I’m owned by a cat, called Katisha, and a cockatiel, Zebedee.

My love of family and animals seems to flow naturally into a love of plants and of growing them. I’ve been gardening organically for well over twenty years. I’ve raided the gardening section of the library for many years and have several shelves at home dedicated to gardening books. And of course there’s a huge gardening file on my computer.

My style of gardening would win no prizes – it’s not intended to. It’s my “home” garden, part of my home and an extension of me. I grow vegetables to feed us and usually give away any surplus. My “flower” garden, sometimes has vegetables in places where they’ll thrive and I plant everything where I feel it belongs. I keep getting new ideas so there are frequent changes. I like to think that the plants are happy this way. My family have been known to call me the “crazy garden lady.” I just smile and nod. Polite people refer to my “cottage” garden – I suppose that term can cover a multitude of gardening sins.

If you’re interested, you can read an account of how I became an organic gardener HERE

Gardening is fun, it’s relaxing, it gives you a sneaky look into the way Nature works, and it lets you escape for a time from the human-dominated everyday world. Read my posts, join my list of members to whom I send newsletters with tips, ideas, bits of information and the occasional freebie. Ask questions, which I’ll do my best to answer.

You can contact me by email: https://abundantgarden.net  and I’ll try to get back to you within 24 hours.

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