Free Booklet – Blooms on a Budget

Free Booklet – Blooms on a Budget

A 28-page PDF Booklet 


blooms on a budget booklet


Contains a descriptive list of the perennials with pictures and growing instructions

All you need in one place.


  • Save money. A packet containing many seeds costs $2 – $4, maybe less. One nicely-grown perennial costs $??? where you live.

  • Sow the seeds and you’ll get all the plants you need and probably some to spare.

  • Surplus plants? Sell them. You recoup the cost of the seeds and $$xx profit. Or – you have a much sought-after donation for the school fair at very little cost to you.


Don’t let buying perennial plants eat into your gardening budget. 

Fill those gaps the smart way by growing the plants you need from seed. 

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Use this free booklet to choose what you want to grow:

  • Pictures and descriptions of the plants
  • Growing instructions
  • 28 pages of easy-to follow information

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